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Network Security Solutions

Why Do We Need Network Security?

Having your devices connected through the internet and other networks opens up a world of threat possibilities. We can access the information we need without having to keep it on our devices permanently. We can communicate with others, allowing us to work together and organize our projects. These connected devices form as a network which help us run our lives.

But these connections also leave our devices vulnerable to damage and our information vulnerable to theft. Cyber and network security solutions help to solve this problem.

What is Network Security?

Network security is an action taken by the organization to keep their sensitive information secured against malicious attacks or Hackers. The goal of network security is to keep the network running and safe for all legitimate users.

Network security solutions are designed to protect company infrastructures and connected devices from attacker, Hackers. High speed network security solution can offer a comprehensive assessment of your network architecture and evaluate the security of your company internet and intranet connections. We are partnered with world’s leading cyber security providers Sonic Wall, Sophos, Fortinet, Cisco to offer best in class firewalls and our offers are customized to meet our client’s security needs.

We provide cyber security solutions in partnering with best cyber security solution providers like Sonic Wall, Sophos and Fortinet which can help you to monitor device inventories and wireless access points, and provide up-to-date network visibility and overall security health of individual devices.

Our services go hand-in-hand with endpoint security application security, and cyber security services to keep companies aware of threats, safe from attacks, and prepared to respond in the event of an incident. Businesses can deploy network security software and other IT security tools in their network security to maximize protection efforts.

What are network security practices and how they can be implemented?

Deploying active devices: Using security software to block malicious programs from entering, or running within, the network. Blocking the unauthorized emails or dangerous emails. Also, stopping the network’s users accessing websites that are known to be dangerous.

Deploying passive devices: For instance, using devices and software that report unauthorized intrusions into the network, or suspicious activity by authorized users.

Using preventative devices: It will help you to identify potential security holes.

Our Solution from various security brands covers below features.

NGFWs are able to block malware from entering a network, something that traditional firewalls would never be able to achieve. They are better equipped to address Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). NGFWs can be a low-cost option for companies looking to improve their basic security because they can incorporate the work of anti viruses, firewalls, and other security applications into one solution.

High Speed has a clear advantage when it comes to providing advanced security solutions for enterprises through professional experts and 30 years of solid experience. We are considered as one of the leading security solution providers in UAE. We work with industry leading manufacturers and with technical experts who have designed and implemented critical networks and infrastructure in the region.

With the above-mentioned security focus features; we provide complete turnkey advanced security solutions to our customers to counteract modern day security threats and risks. At High speed, we’ve helped businesses and organizations from every sector implement successful security policies by empowering them with granular control and visibility while designing a multi-pronged approach to keep their networks safe and secure.

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