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Sonic wall Gold Partner in Dubai, UAE

High Speed dimension Technologies is an authorized Sonic wall gold partner in Dubai UAE. Our in-house technical experts provide pre-sales and post-sales support to our clients. High Speed dimension Technologies adopts industry best practices to be the best Sonic Wall Suppliers in Dubai.

We value our clients and provide them with the most relevant solutions. We have been here in the IT industry since 1989, completed 200+ projects and thus we became one of the best Sonic Wall distributors in Dubai.
The need for the strongest available protection for an organization’s IT systems and digital business operations is extremely apparent, regardless of its size. An effective firewall to assist make your IT systems as secure as possible is one of the basics for all businesses in this regard.

A firewall creates a protective barrier around your IT systems and servers to help protect them from harmful attacks; without one, your business is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Sonic wall Firewalls are the products of choice for many small and medium-sized organizations. If you own a small business, consider adopting Sonic wall firewalls. Please reach us to get a comprehensive anti-spam service at the most competitive price.

About Sonic wall

Sonic Wall is a small business security firm that offers next-generation threat detection and network protection.

Sonic wall cyber security solution provides powerful network and firewall security that monitors your system and discovers abnormalities in real-time. Sonic Wall not only provides solutions for wired systems but also allows you to deploy them on wireless and mobile networks for comprehensive security.

It also provides Sonic Wall endpoint protection for enterprises with remote access devices and emails, ensuring that private and sensitive data is protected from a variety of threats. It protects against sophisticated threats with a cloud-hosted multi-engine sandbox that can stop unknown attacks.
Sonic Wall firewalls are wonderful for helping to give faster IT performance as well as helping with IT security. They make the most of the bandwidth you have to eliminate any bottlenecks caused by data-sharing programs. Even with a WAN network, the amount of speed this type of firewall provides will astound you.

If you’re in control of a small business, Sonic Wall firewalls can provide a slew of advantages. Given the increasing amount of cyber-attacks on businesses each year, there’s no point in taking any chances with your cyber-security. This form of firewall will provide you with complete peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your main business without worrying about dangerous online activities.

Sonic wall Endpoint Protection

Sonic Wall Capture Client
Sonic Wall Capture Client is an endpoint security solution that delivers a unified client platform that supports multiple endpoint protection capabilities, including malware protection and visibility into encrypted traffic. With its cloud sandbox file testing, comprehensive reporting, and enforced policies, this solution offers endpoint protection. To further assure client security, provide easy-to-use and actionable intelligence and reporting.

The Sonic Wall Capture Client offers best-of-breed, next-gen antivirus protection with built-in autonomous EDR. Not only does Capture Client excel in offering effective threat protection, but the synergy with the Sonic Wall platform also allows for increased visibility and protection both on and off-network. Ensure your security is boundless with Capture Client’s protection and centralized management
Sonic wall Content Filtering
Sonic Wall CFC compares requested websites against a massive database in the cloud containing millions of rated URLs, IP addresses, and websites. It provides administrators with the tools to create and apply policies that allow or deny access to sites based on individual or group identity, or by the time of day, for over 50 predefined categories.


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